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The cell forum provides access to resources for Cell leaders and members. This include the Cell Ministry Manual and Bible Study archives by our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome , DSC, DD. These materials are for your guidance and growth as a cell leader or member and should be used together with The Bible for effective results.

Cell Ministry Manual

This special edition of the Cell ministry manual has been revised for all Christian Workers. It shows a pattern of growth from being a new convert to being an active lay minister, which should be the desire of every Christian.This handbook shows you a pattern to follow in order to make a success of soul winning and developing the souls for lay ministry through the Cells. Click the link below to download your copy.

Cell Ministry Manual Download


Bible Study Preparatory Class With Pastor Chris Archives

Title Download link
Honour Download 
Unity Download
Words Download
The Mind
Honesty Download
The Blood of Jesus
The Missionary Christian Download
The Fruits of The Spirit Download
The Spirit of Truth & The Spirit of Error Download